Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Little Moments

Tuesday's Jackson has school. I drop him off right before picking Emmy up from school. I try to make that hour and a half each week our special time. We usually go to lunch and laugh about things or talk about school. Today we decided to take some shoes back to TJ Maxx and get her some new clothes for our trip later this week.

She is so much like Matt. She is just a sweet kind spirit and does not want anyone to hurt for any reason. She is like me in the sense she loves shopping. As we walked the aisles she would pick things up and tell " this is beyond adorable mom" or " who would buy this silly thing".

As we were driving to pick up Jackson. I dont know what I said that was so funny but all of a sudden she says "mom you are one silly puppet" :) She is full of love , happieness and humor. She makes me laugh daily and is more then willing to help with everything.

When we got into Jacksons class room you could tell he was upset. Before I had the chance Emmy was by his side hugging him. Jackson would not let go.

I am grateful for these little moments. I love the smiles my kids bring to my face.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Pics 2012

Once again Butterfly Love Photography did amazing. I love my sweet kids and am so excited for Easter!