Sunday, July 17, 2011


After much thought and a few strange comments from people we dont know Matt and I have decided to make our blog private. I will make the change in 1 week. If you would like an invite please leave me your email address in a comment. Thanks so much!

Family Date Night

On the chair lift up to the Alpine slide!
Emmy LOVED every minute but was sad we lost to Daddy and Jackson

Matt said Jackson laughed the entire way down! I love my cute boys!

I love these 2 more then anything!

Jackson loves to jump off of everything

Saturday afternoon we decided to go for family date night. We went to the Alpine slide and had SO much fun! I love my sweet family and am so glad Matt was home for the weekend.


Dear Matt,
I love you more then words can express. You traveling so often is driving me to a slow death. I miss sleeping next to you at night, watching you play with the kids, helping me with laundry, watching my trashy shows and hearing your annoying commentary! The kids miss you wresteling with them, going on mustang rides, playing ball, blocks and everything else! We miss you! I NEED YOU!!! I cant be a single mom for another week. I love you and know you have to do this but we really will miss you and need you and love you!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Lysette and I ready to snorkle. It was AMAZING!!!
ALOHA!!! We stayed at the Fairmont Orchid for my cousins wedding. The resort was amazing and beautiful! I cant wait to go back!!!

We got picked up in a limo. So fun! I felt like I was in highschool going to prom :)

We missed our sweet kids!

This was one of the hot tubs. It was so wonderful! It had little rocks in it. I want one in my backyard asap!!!

On our way to the girls lunch

Watching the ocean and stars at night. It was so romantic!

Full after dinner and relazxing on the hammock.

We love you grandma!

Matt and Sterling being wild in the jungle :)

My cousin Chelsea. I am so glad I went and am so happy for her and Jeremy.

Yummy cake!

On our way to go around the island and hike up to waterfalls. It was so fun!

It took me months to decide if I wanted to go to the wedding. I changed my mind the last minute and am so happy I did. It was the trip of a lifetime and I am so glad I have been able to move on from the past. I am so happy I went and had such a blast!