Thursday, May 28, 2009

Zoo Day

Off to the zoo! The kids with the monkey! The monkey love them!
Emmy posing:)
Mommy and Emmy!

Emmy loves the boys! She is always holding their hands, hugging and kissing them
Loving the giraffes.
Getting ready for our train ride. YEAH!

Today was a long day at the zoo! We went with our playgroup. Emmy LOVES the zoo. It is her 2nd time in 3 weeks. She really likes all the animals. I cant believe how big my little girl is getting! Thanks to everyone who went with us today. We had a blast!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009



Sunday, May 24, 2009

Life Lately

So I still have not gotten a new camera and it is driving me CRAZY! I have missed so many great things and I feel like Emmy is growing so fast. She has been potty trained for about 2 months now and has done really great the past 2 weeks. She says the funniest things and is picking up so much. Her new thing is " Mom this is dilishious" she means delicious and she is so funny when she says it. She LOVES playing with her friends and asks me everyday to see them. She thinks if she says " I share my toys" then I will let her play. We have been working on sharing and she is doing much better! Her hair is WILD! I cant believe I have a 2 year old with a blond Afro! She is getting so big and I really need to get a new camera so I can take pictures!!!

Matt has not been working as much lately and it is so nice to have him home at a decent hour! We have been trying to get out and do some fun things as a family the past few weeks and it has been so much fun! We went to the zoo a few weeks ago and Emmy LOVED it! Still to this day she talks about it! We also went swimming at the Lehi pool and I think Matt and Emmy were in heaven! On Saturday we went to Wheeler Farm and let Emmy ride the pony. They are so fun to be with! I NEED A CAMERA!

My birthday was a blast! Matt took the day off and we did some shopping. I was so excited because we went to Gap and they were having 25% off the clearance stuff. I got Emmy and the baby some cute clothes! Today we had a birthday dinner at my moms house. We ate dinner and opened presents. It was a blast!Thank you to all of you who made my birthday so special!

Pregnancy has been so hard this time around. I loved being pregnant with Emmy and this time I have been in so much pain. I finally gained weight! In fact I am scared to go to my Dr. appointment on Wednesday because I am pretty sure I have gained 6+ pounds this month instead of the recommended 4. Oh well life goes on! Sleeping has been a Bi&%h lately! I am sorry I don't know how else to explain it! I literally sleep 2 hours a night because I am so uncomfortable! I don't know how I am going to make it another 3 1/2 months!!! The other night I was laying in my bed tossing and turning. My stomach was bothering me and I truly convinced myself that I had the Swine Flu and was going to die from it. I AM CRAZY!!! First of all I know all there is to know about the stupid flu going around and I really don't have anything to be worried about. Second I was not even sick!!!! I AM LOSING MY MIND! I feel so bad for Matt because I don't even want to be touched and all of you who know my husband knows he LOVES cuddling at night. I guess I just need to be grateful and embrace pregnancy like I did last time!

Well there is our life lately in a wrap! Sorry no pictures hopefully we will order a camera soon!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh Baby!

2o weeks and counting!

Pregnancy has been ok so far. I get braxton hicks contractions ALL the time. They bumped my due date up a few days!!! I wish I felt as good as I did last time! I still have not gotten back to my pre-pregnancy weight from my morning sickness and I feel achy all the time. I don't know how I am going to carry this baby another 20 weeks! I am going to be the most annoying pregnant person at 30+ weeks! Matt can feel the baby moving when he touches my tummy and loves it.

We got the baby bedding and painted the walls. I love it! I will post pictures as soon as I get all the accessories up. Emmy loves her baby brothers room she sits there and says " baby Kyson's room" she loves showing people, folding his clothes and playing in there. She is getting so big!

Noting new is going on at the Crowley house. I got some flowers and planted them in my window boxes and in my flower beds! I love summer!!! Poor Emmy has been sick with a cold so we are visiting the Dr today to make sure she does not have a ear infection. Matt has been great and things are finally slowing down at work. Now he gets to study for the GMAT and finish the basement. He is a busy boy! Life is good today.