Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Boys


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our Happy Family

Finally a family picture!
Emmy loves giving her baby brother kisses!

I love these 2!

Sweet Jackson!
Emmy loves playing with Jackson and the baby toys.

He is always so alert.

Getting ready for bed.

I can not believe it has already been 2 weeks since I had Jackson. Things are going well at the Crowley house minus the occasional temper tantrum thrown by Emmy. I love my kids so much!!!
Matt went back to work last Wednesday. I was so scared and sad to see him go but I think we did ok. We stayed in the house and watched a little more TV then normal but other then that we seemed to adjust well.
Emmy is doing well. She is throwing a few more temper tantrums and is not listening as well but other then that she is doing GREAT! She loves Jackson so much. Every morning when she wakes up she love to come and cuddle in bed and give us kisses. She loves playing with him with his baby toys and has been really good about including him in her prayers. I love and adore her so much. She is so funny these days! Her new thing is saying "myself" for everything. " Mom I have and owie on myself" " Myself is so funny"... I also love/ hate her baby talk. I must say it is the most annoying baby talk I have ever herd in my life but at the same time when she talks to Jackson it melts my heart. She is such a sweetheart!
Jackson is doing great. We go in tomorrow for our 2 week check up. He is getting HUGE already! He wants to eat ALL the time. He is sleeping well. The only time he wakes up at night is to eat. He is so alert! He is awake 2-3 hours at a time and just sits and loves to look around. I know I have said this 100 times but he has the sweetest spirit! He is so calm and content with things just like Matt. I have also noticed he TOTALLY looks like a boy. I know this sounds strange but alot of the time newborns can look like a boy or a girl. To me he is ALL BOY!!!
Well that's what is going on with us. I have loved the past 2 weeks with my family and am so glad Jackson is finally here. The feeling and spirit at our home is so amazing right now. I am so full of love for my family!

Friday, September 25, 2009

My goal for next week!

The past week and a half I think I have worn the 2 same sweat suits everyday!I can fit into 1 pair of jeans but my sweatsuits are much more comfortable. My goal for next week is to wear jeans 3 days ALL day. This is going to be hard! Wish me luck!!!

The kids are doing great! I will update pictures a little later. Emmy is adjusting well and Jackson is such a good/adorable baby! I love being a mom!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Jackson's Birth Story and PICTURES!!!

Last belly pic!
We love our little guy!
I love being a mom!
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My 3 favorite people!
Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL flowers grandma!
I love Jackson!
I love my kids more then anything!

What a busy 5 days it has been! We welcomed Jackson Matthew Crowley to this world Sunday September 13th @ 9:41am. He was 6 lbs 7 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. He is such a sweet spirit and is just adorable! Emmy is being a wonderful big sister and loves having Jackson around the house. I apologize in advance as I know this is going to be a long, all over the place post...
I would like to start by telling everyone who has sent me a message, visited, brought dinners, given gifts... THANK YOU! I love and appreciate all of you so much! It has helped more then any of you know
Jackson's Birth
It all started Friday. I WAS DONE DONE DONE! I looked up some labor inducing techniques such as Red Raspberry tea, eating an entire pineapple, walking... so when Matt got home we did ALL of them. I was not getting any contractions and was fully convinced that I would not go into labor before my induction date.

Saturday came along and still nothing was happening. At about 3 PM I decided it was time to get this kid out so I did what any woman would do... go do back flips on her trampoline:) We had a ward party around 6 and by that time I was getting contractions every 3 min. They did not hurt and it had been common for me to get lots of contractions. After we got home Matt and I watched 300. My contractions were dying down and I was sure I was not in labor. When the movie ended we went to bed with me still getting contractions every 4 min.

Sunday at about 2 am I woke up with heavier contractions that seemed to be wrapping around my back. They were 4 min apart now so I decided I would take a bath to see if that would help. Sure enough it did not. I did not want to go into the hospital if I was not in true labor. Not to mention I did not want to wake anyone at 3 am to come watch Emmy. After debating for so many hours I said a prayer. I asked that if I was in true labor to let me know and if not then help me to get my contractions down so I could get some sleep. 10 min later I was kneeling on the floor in agonizing pain! It took us 30 min to get ahold of someone in my family and finally my sister came over! Off we were to the hospital!
The car ride was horrible!!!! I hurt like a mother! It was funny yet a little scary because as Matt and I were driving there we were talking about how we always have things happen to us on the 13th of the month. As we were saying that a black cat ran right in front of the car! Needless to say I was so happy when we got to the hospital!After checking in and getting set up in my room they checked me. I was at a 5-6 and was for sure staying!!! I decided it was time to get my epidural.
When you see the Dr. walk in to give you an epidural you feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel! You think that in a matter of minutes you will be out of pain and can relax. I was wrong! The Dr. started everything as normal. Numbed my back, talked me through things... The first big needle was in and he was getting ready to put the medicine in. He then said "if you feel you heart start racing, your feet go tingly or get light headed let me know right away" within 5 seconds of him saying that all 3 happened! It was one of the scariest moments! I had no control over my body. He hurried and took it out and said it must have gone into a blood vessel. I knew something was wrong when my diabetic husband who puts a needle in himself every time he eats started shaking and when the nurse started hugging me. To make a long story short it took him 6 times and an hour and a half to administer the epidural. I now have 27 holes in my back from the 3-6 inch epidural needle.
After the epidural was finally done they told me my Dr. was not on call and I would have to have someone else deliver me. I was upset but knew all the doctors at my clinic were amazing. Dr. Jackson came in and broke my water. Within 1 hour I was ready to push!!! After 10 min of pushing he was out!
There is nothing more amazing then giving birth to your child. It is such an amazing experience and you fall in love at first sight! Jackson is so adorable and it feels like he has always been here!
I need to tell my wonderful husband thank you! Matt you truly were amazing. I could not have done anything ( especially the epidural) without you! Thank you for being so calm and loving. Thank you for getting me so excited about pushing. Thank you for being the most wonderful dad to our 2 kids. I have found a new love for you over the past week and am so appreciative of everything you do for us. THANK YOU! I love you more then anything!
Thank you again to all who have helped with Emmy, visited, brought gifts or dinners! We truly are so blessed!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I am sitting in the hospital room waiting for Matt to get back from putting Emmy to bed. I cant help but think how blesssed I am. I love my husband and kids so much. Having a baby is such a magical thing. We are so glad Jackson has joined our family!

Jackson Matthew Crowley

Jackson Matthew Crowley was born this morning at 9:41 AM. He is 6 lbs 7oz and 19 1/2 inches long. We are so happy and blessed! Pictures to come soon!