Sunday, June 28, 2009

Backyard Fun

This weekend we enjoyed our backyard. We set up the small pool and slip and slide. We had a blast. Especially Matt and Emmy as you can tell from the pictures above :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Splashing Around The Park

I love days at the park like this!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


It is a Tuesday morning. My to do list is a mile long. I need to do 3 loads of laundry, iron Matt's shirts, clean the bathrooms, weed the yard, order vinyl lettering, go grocery shopping... but as I have been sitting here I have had a overwhelming sense of gratitude. Gratitude for my life, for my family and for my husband.

I am less then 99 days away from having another beautiful baby. My life is going to dramatically change once again in a great way. I feel like even though Matt and I have had some hard times we have had so many good. We have moved, had a beautiful daughter,bought our wonderful house, traveled... and the bad things we have had have made us grow stronger. I love that we agree on the major things in life. We always work together when parenting. He never says no when I ask him to help me with something and he always helps around the house. I don't know when he gets a break yet he never complains.

I am also overwhelmed with gratitude when I think of Emmy. She truly has brought a type joy in my life that I never knew I could have. She is so amazing. She is so loving and always is giving us kisses. She truly has such a sweet spirit! She says the most adorable things. I find myself just watching her thinking about how amazing she is all the time. We just enrolled her into pre-school. I can not believe she is going to be 3 in January. Where has the time gone?

I know that none of this would be possible with out our Heavenly Father. My testimony has grown so much since I have had a family. I am so grateful for the little things in life like family prayer, family dinners, walks to the park, playgroups, friends... Right now I am happy and content. Sometimes I forget and get wrapped up in things like finishing the basement, getting my house decorated... But at the end of the night when I am laying in my bed thinking of the day I don't go to sleep telling myself " when I have this I will be happy". I am happy and grateful for my life!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

6 1/2 months

I feel like my stomach is getting HUGE. You can totally tell I am pregnant. The last month has been ok. I have started sleeping a little better the past week. The baby is kicking like crazy and my stomach looks like there is an alien in it when he moves around. I feel like my stomach is getting bigger then it did with Emmy! I am gaining plenty of weight now days and wish it would slow down a little bit! I had a hard time gaining weight the first 20 weeks but I am gaining 1-2 pounds a week now :( I am about ready for pregnancy to be over! Too bad I have 14 weeks left :(

We had a little photo shoot and Emmy thought she was SO HOT :) She loves posing:) So thats why there are random pictures on this blog.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ready To Cry!

I am ready to start crying. I feel like I have no idea what I am doing. Emmy turns 3 in January. That means the preschool search is on! We went to the aquarium today and I was talking to some other moms about it. Most of their kids are born in September or November where as Emmy was not born until January. Alot of the cut offs are September 1st but there are a few that will take kids if they are born before December 1st. I have found 2 schools that will take Emmy. 1 school is WAY EXPENSIVE and the other has me on a waiting list. I am so frustrated because I feel like she is ready to get out and start learning from someone other then me. I also feel like she should go because all of her friends are going and I would hate to have her not learn things when they are. I know she is ready! Cross your fingers that she will get into the one that has her on a waiting list!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Birthday dinner #3 at The Cheesecake Factory. Thanks Tori and Lisa!
Emmy's new ADORABLE kitchen! I love it as much as she does :) Yesterday we went to Sugarhouse Park and fed the ducks.
Daddy and Emmy lounging at my 4th birthday dinner :)
Happy Birthday to us! We were born on the EXACT same day just 4 years apart.
Happy Birthday Bud!

Hanging out with my sisters.

Congrats Emily! Only 4 weeks left!
This weekend was packed with fun except for Friday night. I was cleaning like a mad woman because I had a baby shower at my house the following day. Cleaning when I am pregnant is horrible! I notice every little thing and HAVE to get it done. Anyway, I started getting contractions every 6 min. After about 3 hours I called my Dr and he said go into labor and delivery. I didn't think they were bad enough to go in so I laid down and had Matt clean. Sure enough they were gone the next morning and everything was fine. The moral of the story is I need a cleaning lady :) ha ha jk.
Saturday my friend Randi and I threw our good friend Emily a shower. She is having a little girl in 4 weeks! I can believe how fast time flies! She was the first one other then Matt to know I was pregnant and I remember her only being about 12 weeks. Now she is due in a month! Congrats Emily I am so excited for you guys!!! While I was having the shower Matt took Emmy swimming. When they got home we had a nice relaxing evening at home. There is nothing better then hanging out with my little family on a Saturday night.
Sunday my dad and his girlfriend had us over for my 4th birthday dinner. I totally got spoiled this year. Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so great! My best friends in the world Tori and Lisa also took me to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory last week. Can you say YUMMY?? Thanks guys I love you!
Yesterday I took Emmy to see the ducks at Sugarhouse park with my grandma. She loved them and is not scared at all. She likes to hold the food and let the ducks eat right out of her hands instead of throwing the bread. I just love her!!!! After the park we went and got an ice cream cone. She was so excited that we got her own and that is was pink and purple.
We also FINALLY got Emmy a play kitchen last week. I was looking to get her one for her birthday in January but the one I wanted was out of stock. After numerous months of looking I found a lady on KSL who had a brand new one for a GREAT price!Emmy loves it and can not get enough of it. I love watching her play :) She is such a girly girl!
Tomorrow we are getting a new freezer. I am so excited! I don't know why I am blogging about this but lately I have had such a strong feeling of the need for food storage. I have always felt so overwhelmed even thinking about starting a food storage supply but the past couple of months things have come so easy for me. I am a FREAK about bargain shopping. When I see a good deal on something we eat I buy a few extra of the items and store them. I can not believe how much food storage we have already gotten. I am so glad we have finally decided to commit ourselves to this. Wish us luck!
I am sorry to all of you who actually read long, all over the place, pointless post :)