Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas was beyond amazing this year! There are no words to explain how much my kids mean to me and how wonderful they make my life. Christmas 2011 was perfect!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Winter Pictures

I know I get pictures taken alot but my kids change so much and I love having pictures around my house! Once again Jana from Butterfly Love Photography took these. It worked out perfect for Christmas Card Pictures. I love that these are more candid then we usually do and cant wait to get them printed and put in my house!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Best Family Home Evening Lesson!!!

I got this lesson off of Pintrest and LOVED IT!!! Try it if you have little ones before Christmas!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sneak Peak of Santas Workshop

Jackson's train table. It is in the VERY early stages but I found this table on KSL for $7! I repainted it and am going to add more accessories, bridges, roads and cars. It also has a drawer to hold everything and will match my basement.
Emmy's dressups are a hot mess! I got this dresser on ksl for FREE! I took the drawers out, added a bottom and some legs, put material in it and put some edging on the outside. It also has a little more work needed but I cant wait for her dressups to be organized and for this to go in her cute playhouse!!!
Emmy needs a table in her playhouse as well. I found this set on KSL for $8! I repainted it, made cushions ( thanks steph!) and matched it to her dressup stuff. I had the small American girl doll set from when I was a kid and made it over to match!!!
This will be for Emmy's American girl doll. I could not bring myself to spend $100 on a bed for a doll so decided I would try and make one to match her actual bed. My friend helped with the bedding and the actual bed cost me $4 to make!!! The bedding was $10 making the grand total $14!!! I love getting a good deal and saving money!

" Santa" has been busy this Christmas season. He still has alot to do but is happy with how things are turning out.
Emmy is hoping for an American Girl doll this Christmas and may be getting one with a table, bed and dresser if she is good. She also needs a table and something to organize her dressups with for her playhouse in the basement.
Jackson is hoping for a train table and cars. Santa can not seem to find a train table he likes so is making one himself. It is still in the early stages but I am hopeful things will turnout!
Stay tuned for the finished products! I had to share with someone :)The kids are getting much more this Christmas but I think homemade gifts are some of the best and I had to share :) I cant wait for Christmas morning!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I realize I look like a whale right here. Lesson learned about this pose :)

The kids had their first sleep over the other night. They are so sweet together!

I have been the worst blogger lately. I have not been very good at taking pictures but here are a few. I promise I will be better!
We are enjoying the Christmas season at the Crowley home! My house was decorated a week before Thanksgiving and Christmas music has been playing non stop! I love the holidays with my sweet kids and love the joy the get over the small things in life.
Emmy has been busy with dance and school. Lots of her performances are coming up next week. Jackson is learning new things everyday and loves anything that has to do with trains, cars, trucks or anything boy for that matter.He is doing great and talking up a storm lately!
Matt is busy as usual at work. We have enjoyed having him home and not traveling as much. His brother moved by us and Matt is loving working out, playing basketball and hanging out with him.
I have been busy with the kids as usual :) Volunteering for Festival of Trees, Christmas shopping and my many projects that seem to be never ending ( pictures to come of Santa's workshop).
I am so greatful for this wonderful season and all the joy and happiness it brings! Happy Christmas Season everyone!!!