Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Last Tuesday we went to my moms house for her birthday. My little sister was sick and gave it to our family (Thanks Vanessa!). I have been sick for about 5 days now and Emmy and Matt and both coming down with it. Hopefully we wont be sick for too much longer. Please dont mind the way we look in the picture. We are sick :)

On a brighter note my wonderful grandma bought us a bedroom set for Emmy! It comes tomorrow and is so cute! I got all the bedding yesterday and cant wait. It think I am going to start with taking the front of her crib off before we go to the full size bed. If anyone had any advice i am totally open for it!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So growing up my mom always got this fabric softener from a little boutique called "Hip and Humble" (really cute store). Anyway it was my moms birthday and my grandma and I decided to go get her some.Since my grandma is so nice to me she got me a bottle of it! It is pretty expensive for fabric softener but IT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! My whole house smells like fresh grass. I can not tell you how good it smells. I have been a crazy washing woman. I am washing everything because it smells so good! I washed Matt's shirts and he said at least 10 people told him how good he smelt. It really is amazing ! I recommend it!! It is by The Good Home CO. and is called Pure Grass. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I am so excited fall is here! I love this season! Last weekend Matt and I worked so hard! We washed all the windows, Matt stained the deck, I deep cleaned and organized everything, we cleaned the basement and garage and most important I decorated for fall. I love decorating and have so much fun with it. I got a few new things this year and am really excited about them. I also got all my Scentsy stuff and love all my fall scents! FALL IS IN THE AIR YEAH!!!!!!!!


Last Friday we decided to go to the fair. It was nice to do somthing different. Emmy had so much fun petting the cows and all the other animals. She was so cute! I must say the food was WAY TOO EXPENSIVE! Maybe i am just cheap but they wanted 5.50 for a stupid corndog. Anyway it was fun to see all the animals and walk around!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


So every week I have a group that I go to. All our kids are about the same age and it is just nice to get out of the house! On Wednesday Emily took us to this cute little park that had a pond with ducks right by our house. Emmy had a blast feeding the ducks! She is not scared of them at all! Their were a few times I thought she was going to get attacked by them. She was so cute. I gave her a piece of bread and then she woud rip it in 2 pieces and throw it in. Her pieces were so big! I think the birds loved her because she was giving them half pieces of bread!
So today we went to Emmy's doctor appointment. She really was so tired. When I got home I went and laid her iin her crib. She always just puts herself to sleep except latley. The past week or so she likes to sit and talk to herself for about a half an hour and then puts herslf to sleep. I am fine with that but today when I put her down she talked to herself for almost an hour. I herd her throw her sippy cup of water at the closet door and about 5 min. later she started screaming. I ran in as fast as I could. when i got in her room she had tried to get out of her crib and got bother her legs stuck in the bars. It was so sad and it took me about 3 min to get her out. It was so sad. I think it might be time to get her a bed. I think she is ready but I dont think I am :(
I have been taking a Tuesday night cake class and Joanns with 2 of my friends. It is nice to get away for a few hours just with the girls. I figured I could save some money and learn something new. I must say I have learned alot but i dont think I will ever be good at it. I am a little embarassed to post my cake picture but at least I am trying. We start the 2nd class on Tuesday and hopefully I will get better in time :)