Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Emmy loves Santa :)

Emmy christmas morning. She had so much stuff she didn't even know where to start.

Emmy got hooked up this year!
Emmy and Mommy

Emmy and Daddy

Getting read to open our PJ"s

Christmas was busy as usual at the Crowley house. Christmas Eve we started the night off opening our matching PJ's. We went to Matt's sisters house for dinner and some games. Then we went to my dads house to say hi. Around 9:00 pm we decided to drive to sugar house and see Christmas Street and visit my grandma. When we got home Matt's parents and brother were waiting to hang out, have hot chocolate and watch movies. After they left Santa came. He was up very late this year!

Christmas morning was a a blast! EMMY GOT HOOKED UP! She was so excited she didn't even know where to start. She kept grabbing things and saying "CUTE MOM! CUTE!" my child is adorable :) After opening presents we headed out in the snow to my moms house. We has breakfast with the family and opened presents. Emmy had Santa come to 3 houses this year. My moms,my dads and ours. She got princess stuff, barbies, strollers,books,barbies... After my moms house we went to my dads and opened presents there. We came home for about 2 hours (next year i am taking a nap and not cleaning) and the we were off to Matt's parents for dinner in Bountiful. When we came home it was a blizzard! It took us 2 hours. Over all Christmas was great and as usual Emmy made me smile the entire day.

Emmy's favorite toy is by far her princess dress up shoes! She has not taken them off! She also loves her Elmo live. I am so mad at myself. I took a ton of video but didn't get any pictures of us in our matching PJ's or going to our families. Oh well. Hopefully I have learned my lesson:)

Monday, December 22, 2008

2008 Recap

So many things have happened this year. It has been a hard year. I am hoping next year will be less eventful and more peaceful.

We started 2008 by celebrating Emmy's first birthday. I cant believe how fast she has grown. last year she was just starting to walk. Now she is saying numerous sentences and running, climbing and getting into everything. TERRIBLE 2's started at 18 months. She is such a joy in our lives. I can not imagine life without her. She makes me so happy and she has the sweetest personality. She is full of life and loves yelling "Hey be nice" when you do anything she doesn't want you to do. Matt and Emmy are the biggest parts of my life! Last night Emmy was dancing naked. Matt and I joined in (not naked). I realized how much I love them. I almost stared crying when i thought of the love i have for them. Their is nothing better in life then your family and hopefully our family will keep growing sometime this year.

Matt has had the hardest year. He found out he had Diabetes. He taking things one day at a time. He has to give himself shots at least 5 times a day. He is handling everything so well and instead of being upset with it he has taken the chance to make himself and all of us healthier. Matt also has changed jobs this year. He now works for Encover as their Controller. He is working 50-60 hour weeks right now and then comes home to spend time with us. We also went on a crusie to mexico for a week and had a blast!!!

I have learned so much this year. For starters I am a more patient person. I have learned to not be as judgmental. I have learned to love life for today and not for tomorrow. I took a job at Taipan for a couple months this year. It was fun and i learned so many things but i also realized that the best place for me to be is at home with Emmy. Matt and i are going on 6 months of trying to give Emmy another brother or sister. Hopefully the right time will be soon and we will hopefully have another baby around the house sometime in 2009. 2008 has been a year to remember and a year to forget all at the same time.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Trees, Parties and Temple Square

Last week was so busy! WE did so many fun things! We started the week off by going to temple square. It was fun but the lights were not as exciting as they usually are. Emmy's favorite part was the horses in front of temple square.

Wednesday night Matt and I went to the Jazz game. WORST GAME EVER! We had two guys sitting behind us rooting for the other time and they were screaming as loud as they could right into my ear. Not to mention they posed in every picture Matt and I took. Their mothers obviously did not teach them manners!

Thursday we went to the Festival Of Trees. Matt and Emmy were both coming down with colds so we did not stay very long. Emmy loved all the trees that had Santa Claus on it and Matt loved the gingerbread houses. Emmy also decided that she is the only one who can push her stroller. She is getting so independent!
Friday we had Matt's work party. It was fun but this year I could not stand all the kissing up everyone did. I don't know if it was because everyone was wasted or because everyone is scared for their job with the economy.

Saturday I was gone all day. I went with my sister-in-laws to a shower for their cousin and then we spent the day shopping. Oh how I love Taipan and Hobby Lobby! I also finished most of my Christmas shopping Yeah!!!!

Sunday we went up to the canyon to take some pictures for our Christmas cards. Emmy had obviously started the terrible 2's. We did not get 1 good shot. Hopefully we can get some good shots later this week!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Busy Bees!

I fell like we have been so busy lately and I have not blogged about any of them! As usual Emmy is growing as fast as can be! She is getting the funniest personality. She loves to put on my boots (that go all the way up her legs) and run around saying " I so funny mommy!" She loves going and looking at lights and always gasps "Oh my gooness!" And her latest thing is when I get her out of bed in the mornings she says " Hi honey!" She is so sweet and amazing! I am overwhelmed when I think of the love I have for her. I cant imagine life without her. It is too sad to think about.

I love this time of year. I love the music. I love the decorations and I love the time I have with my family.I decided to set Christmas up about 5 days early this year. I am so glad I did! Matt did a wonderful job on the lights and my trees turned out really well! For the first year we have 2 trees. One in the family room and one in Matt's office. Matt also got me some plates for our plate holder. They are so adorable!

Last week Matt and I decided to go to the Savior of the World. It was fun to get out and do something a little different. I always have so much fun with him!

Thanksgiving was busy busy! I woke up and went to the 11:00 showing of Twilight with my 2 sisters. The movie was great except for Bella who was the worst actress I have ever seen! We went to Matt's parents house for dinner and got ready for our 3:30am shopping adventure the next morning.

I quit my job at Taipan! We learned the hard way that it is better for me to stay at home and just be the best mom I can be. Matt did a great job at watching Emmy but things were just not the same.

Saturday night I helped sister-in-laws get ready for Matt's brothers 40th surprise birthday party. We had Thai food and played the Celestial Marriage game. We came in a tie for second!!! Great party Eve!

Last night we went and saw Christmas Utah by my moms house. Matt and Emmy we so amazed! They are so fun to be with and I love them both more everyday. Thank you Matt for everything you are to me! Christmas time so far this year has been the most amazing one yet!

Be expecting another long post for this week! We are going to Temple Square tonight. Wednesday we are going to the Jazz game. Thursday we are going to The Festival of Trees and Friday we have Matt's office party. We are Busy bees!