Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1 more day!!!

This is our last day of not knowing weather we are having a baby girl or a baby boy. We are so excited for tomorrow. I hope I can sleep tonight! I think Emmy is understanding things really well. She knows a baby is in my tummy, the baby will sleep in the crib and she thinks she is having a "baby sister" I got her a shirt that said Big Sister and she took that as she is having a baby sister. We cant wait for tomorrow! 6:00 pm we will know! When we were finding out what Emmy was we went to dinner, Found out and went and got the baby the "coming home outfit". We have decided to make a tradition out of it. So tomorrow Emmy and I are picking Matt up from work, Going out to eat, Getting the ultrasound and then off we go shopping!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! I will post tomorrow evening what we are having after we get home. Yeah!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

4 Hour Makeover!



It is official! Emmy's room is done! I have been planning for months to make "the switch" and have just not gotten around to it. Yesterday morning we decided to just do it. We find out on Wednesday what we are having and knowing the type of person I am I will be decorating it ASAP! Emmy did a good job switching to the big girl bed. She is getting so big!
We are also hard at work on our basement. We will hopefully get the drywall up within the next month. Things are changing at The Crowley House!!! We cant wait to find out what we are having and get things going!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So Excited!!!

About 14 weeks!

We get to find out what we are having next Wednesday April 1st!!! We are so excited! Matt can not wait to find out. Everyone swears it is a boy but I am still guessing a girl. What do you think??? I feel so big already! I have not gained any weight in fact I still am 7 pounds lighter then when I got pregnant! It is so true when they say you show faster with your 2nd! I am also carrying so high!

Another bit of exciting news is Emmy is potty trained! We have gone 3 days with no accidents!!! She tells me when she needs to go and loves her princess panties:) Yeah!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Cleaning, Nesting and Pouting

I am not sure what is wrong with me lately! I am going crazy. I am not sure if I am nesting early or ready to do spring cleaning. I would say I am a little bit of a clean freak. The past 10 weeks I have really been a slacker with everything I do! I have been very lazy when it comes to the " deep cleaning" and well my husband is not good at deep cleaning. I am not sure he even knows what it means.
Today was the first day in a long time I woke up and did not feel sick. I went around my house making a list of things to do. That was a bad idea! I am so overwhelmed and don't know where to start. I called Matt and asked him for a cleaning lady for 9 hours for by birthday and mothers day. I don't think he liked the idea very much. I feel like I need a fresh pair of eyes on my house and help me organize things.
We started to finish the basement and we are hoping it will be done a couple months before the baby gets here.It is taking up so much more time then we thought it would! Matt is in the middle of busy season, finishing our basement, trying to study for the GMAT and trying to be a good husband and dad. I don't know how he does it!
My agenda for the weekend is to get the yard all cleaned and ready for spring, clean all baseboards and cupboards in the house, spray out the garage, get Emmy's room ready for her black furniture and keep potty training. I don't think any of this will realistically happen!
My reason for this post is to pretty much get over my pouting and get going. We have so much to do and so little time to do it in before the baby gets here! We can find out next week what we are having and can not wait! Matt is so excited. It is all he talks about lately! I very well think I have gone crazy and am worrying about my house and yard too much! I have officially lost my mind! I am sorry to all of you who read this pointless blog!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vegas and Potty Training

Vegas was great except for the fact we have a broken camera and did not take 1 picture :( I really need to get a new camera soon. We got there Thursday night. We were tired and I have a McDonald's Parfait craving so we stopped there and lounged in our hotel room.
Friday we walked the strip and met my mom. We went gambling with my mom and Matt won 10 bucks yeah! I was to much of a chicken to gamble but I had a blast watching Matt. Later that night we went to Beatles Love. It was really good but not worth the money.
Saturday was Matt's birthday. We walked the strip, ate out, went swimming and just enjoyed each other. It was so fun to get away for the weekend. We need to do it a few more times before the baby comes!
Emmy did great. We started potty training yesterday afternoon. She seems to be doing ok. She had a couple accidents yesterday. Today she has only had 1 accident so hopefully she is getting the hang of thing. We are going crazy sitting in the house all day. I don't want to take her out until she really understands. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Matt!

Matt's birthday is on Saturday so we decided to take a weekend trip to Vegas. I love Vegas and am so excited! I am a little nervous about leaving Emmy but I am sure things will be fine. I am hoping I can get through the weekend without throwing up. Pregnancy has not brought the best out of me lately. Only a couple weeks and hopefully it will get better!

Matt I wanted to wish you a happy birthday and let you know I love you and appreciate you so much! Thank you for working so hard. You are such a wonderful dad to Emmy. She loves you so much. Thank you for always supporting me in things! I love you more then anything. Get ready for a wild weekend in Vegas :) (well as wild as you can get with sick pregnant lady on your hands)
PS I love how Emmy is drawing on herself and you dont care or notice:) I love you!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A$$ Hole

All I have to say is Jason you are a fake, mean , inconsiderate A$$ HOLE!!! I am very mad at you and I hope you learn that no woman in this world should ever date you again! I am sick of you Bachelors playing mind games with me. I watch you and hope for love and all you do is turn out to be jerks! BTW learn to stop crying! I dont believe it for a second!