Thursday, November 10, 2011

DIY Improvments

Guest Bedroom
New bathroom downstairs. We did everything ourselves!I want to tile everything in my house now :)
Emmy's playhouse. I added some things to it and my sweet nieces painted this for me
basement family room
I needed something for a long wall downstairs. Matt made this shelf and I got all the decorations for$28!!! It is huge and fills the wall perfect!
New lamp and bench. The bench was a old coffee table I had. I added the cushion and now it is a cute little bench. I wish I would have added more foam to make it a little taller but live and learn:) I also got the lamp on KSL for $5 and gave it some spray paint. Total cost $25!
Matt added some casing to the windows for me. I LOVE IT!!! I cant wait to do the rest of the house!
I have had a hard time trying to figure out what to do with this space. Matt wont get rid of this stupid lovesac so I made a reading space for the kids. We read this morning for over an hour in it! Total cost $31!
Thanks to Pintrest I have been trying to update some things in my house. I still have a million things to do but I am happy that I have gotten what I have done. I have not posted pictures of our basement since it have been finished. The kids are LOVING playing downstairs in the playroom! I love this kind of stuff and cant wait for the next project!

Monday, November 7, 2011


Emmy LOVED the legoland Halloween show!

LOVED this cute little icecream shop at the mall!


Emmy LOVED Belle!

Jackson was so excited he could not hold still :) Winnie the pooh was his favorite ride. Emmy wen on Splash Mountain 4 times before this. By far the best part of the day :)

We were able to take a family trip last week to California. We had a blast visiting Legoland, the beach, Matt's brother and Sister in law, trick or treating and of course Disneyland. The kids loved Disneyland the most and are already talking about going back. My favorite part of the trip was watching the parade at Disneyland. My sweet kids were SO happy it brought me to tears in the middle of the park. I am so grateful we were able to go on a family trip.