Sunday, August 31, 2008

Scentcy Candles!

Hey everyone I just wanted to let you all know I am throwing a Scentcy basket party. I have all the order forms and samples at my house this week if anyone wants to get any!

For those of you who dont know what Scentcy Candles are you are totally missing out! You buy a warmer and all you do it plug it in. You get diffrent smells that come in blocks and just add them to the warmer! THEY SMELL AMAZING!!! If you are a big candle person you will end up saving money in the long run. The warmers are $30 and the scents are about $5. Each scent will last you about 180 hours. There are also some specials in the catalog. I really do love Scentcy. If anyone is interested let me know and we can meet up. I will have the stuff until the end of next week!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


So i have been getting complant after complaint mostly from Lisa how I never update my blog. I will admit that I could be alot better about it. This month has just been crazy. It has been one thing after another!
A few weeks ago Matt was feeling weird. He was peeing like 20 times or more a day ( sorry i know thats alot of info) he was drinking a ton of fluids and could not get hydrated. Soon after this happened he was starting to get blurry vision and he lost about 15 pounds in 4 days. When he told me how much weight he lost on a Sunday morning i made him go to the dr. When we got there the doctor thought he could have strep or a kidney infection. I had a feeling thanks to google that he should get his blood drawn and get checked for Diabetes. After finally convincing the urgent care doctor to take some blood he came in with horribble news! Matt had Diabetes. Your levels are suppoe to be betwee 80-120 and he was in the 600's! The doctor made me rush him to the hospital so he could get his levels down. Since then we have been in and out of the emrgency rooms a couple times. It took the doctors a while to figure out how to keep his blood sugar down. We have now meet with all sorts of doctors and are learning more about it everyday. It has been a complete lifestyle change for us. We have to look at the food labels for everything he eats. He has to take a shot in the morning and then again everytime he eats totaling about 6-8 times a day. He can not have very many carbs or sugars or it will take him too high and if he does not measure his insulin right it takes him too low. I love my husband so much and he has been such a trooper! We will get through this and pretty soon it will just be apart of our normal day and hopefully not be as stressful!

Soooooo. The day after we found out Matt had Diabetes he was at work and I went to my moms house so we could go and get some food for Matt at the store. On her way out of the driveway she backed right into my car! It was just what we needed. Something else to deal with. After getting numerous bids and convincing my moms husband to go through their insurance agent we took the car to get fixed. It has taken about a week and we are expecting to get it back tomorrow. We had to get Emmy a new car seat because the seat was in the car when it was hit.

Last Tuesday i was getting ready for my cake decorating class. I put some music on for Emmy to dance to. She was dancing in my bedroom while i was getting ready in my bathroom (the bathroom is connected to the bedroom). While she was spinning she trped over herself and tripped. She hit her poor little head on the corner of my bed. I went over and picked her up and gave her a little love. I patted her head and was telling her it was ok when I looked at my hand and it was dripping with blood. I turned her around and saw that she had cut the back of her head and it was bleeding down her shirt. I took her to the bathroom and rinced her head off so i could see if she needed stitches. Luckly matt walked right in the door as all of this happened. We decided we would take her to the Doctor just to make sure everything was ok. When the doctor checked her he said that we could tie her down with sheets to the table and stitch her up, take her to the hspial where they could give her some medicine to make it not as tramatic or because it had stopped bleeding we could let it heel itself. He said it was really not that deep and because it was on the back of her head the hair would cover the scar. We decided to just take her home and let it heel itself. She has been awesome. She does honestly has no idea there is a little cut on th back of her head. She has been a real tropper (just like her daddy!) We have all been sick with colds also and are looking forward to feeing better!

On a brighter note. I finally got my new car! I got to go to the Jack Johnson concert with Lindsey Rutter and we got to sit by his friends and family! Lindsey Lawson got married. I am finally starting Twilight and love it. All my fall shopping for Emmy is done and my house will be spotessby then end of the day!!!