Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Little Moments

Tuesday's Jackson has school. I drop him off right before picking Emmy up from school. I try to make that hour and a half each week our special time. We usually go to lunch and laugh about things or talk about school. Today we decided to take some shoes back to TJ Maxx and get her some new clothes for our trip later this week.

She is so much like Matt. She is just a sweet kind spirit and does not want anyone to hurt for any reason. She is like me in the sense she loves shopping. As we walked the aisles she would pick things up and tell " this is beyond adorable mom" or " who would buy this silly thing".

As we were driving to pick up Jackson. I dont know what I said that was so funny but all of a sudden she says "mom you are one silly puppet" :) She is full of love , happieness and humor. She makes me laugh daily and is more then willing to help with everything.

When we got into Jacksons class room you could tell he was upset. Before I had the chance Emmy was by his side hugging him. Jackson would not let go.

I am grateful for these little moments. I love the smiles my kids bring to my face.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Pics 2012

Once again Butterfly Love Photography did amazing. I love my sweet kids and am so excited for Easter!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Scary Day!

Not being able to breath was not going to stop this kiddo from enjoying an ambulance ride

Last night Jackson woke up at 2:16 to be exact and was having a hard time breathing and coughing hard. I took him outside for a walk and let him sleep with us. I was pretty sure it was croup because Emmy has had. He was still having a hard time but was doing ok throughout the night.

I had planned for today to be a "get better, lazy movie day" I woke up, gave the kids a bath in a misty bathroom and had cleaned the house. Lunch time came and went and before I knew it it was nap time. About 20 minutes into Jackson's nap i herd him whimpering. I think as a mother you know what different crys your kids have. I went in his room to check on him. My baby was blue in the face and mouth and was gasping so hard for air.

Watching my baby like that was so heartbreaking! He gave me a desperate "help me" look and i just felt horrible because there was nothing I could do for him.

I hurried and threw the kids in the car and raced to the hospital since it is so close to us. When we got there his breathing had gotten a little better but he was still struggling. His oxygen levels were in the low 80's and he was miserable. The doctors started steroids and breathing treatments right away. After about an hour he seemed to be doing better. His oxygen levels had gone up and he was acting like himself.We had to stay for the doctors to monitor him for 4 hours just to make sure he was recovering. 45 min into waiting his oxygen levels dropped again to the low 80's and he was having a hard time breathing. They decided it was best to transfer him to Primary Children's Hospital via ambulance.

Jackson is such a funny kid.He is into everything, curious, funny and mischievous. He is the toughest kid you will ever meet but is totally a softy at heart. My poor baby who couldn't breath and was beyond sick sat in the ambulance and just smiled. He was so happy to be riding in it and thought it was to coolest thing ever even if he was sick. I wish I could have that outlook on life more often!

When we got to the hospital his levels were still low. They gave him some oxygen and we played the waiting game. He did well and released us 5 hours later confident that the steroids had kicked in.

Today was scary but a good reminder on how special my family is. I simply love them more then anything.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Snow Siblings

We finally had enough snow to make a snow brother and sister. The kids were so excited that they matched them. We love snow days but are happily awaiting spring!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This blog is an emotional one for me. I am teary eyed just writing about this. My story starts a little less then 2 years ago...

Jackson was about 8 months old. I noticed he was not clapping or waving and brought it up with my dr. He said he was doing well in all other places and that it would come. When he was a year he was clapping and waving like the dr said but he was slower at speech. I brought my concerns up with the dr. Again he told me that he was doing well in all other areas at that it would come. 18 months rolled around. He was still quite slow in speech but doing well everywhere else. 24 months came and went and still slowly making some progress but not a ton. Tantrums were often and I could tell my baby was struggling because he could not communicate with me.

When Jackson was 8 months old I also read something about autism... It scared me to death and I have not been able to drop it since. while he has never had any of the red flags he did have some of the smaller signs. If you know me you know since Matt has been diagnosed with Diabetes I have been a crazy person. I worry all the time and think the worst will happen so I prepare for it. I truly believed in my heart that he had it and no one would listen. I would cry myself to sleep for months. The thought of having a child with a disibility was too much for me to handle. I have truly been insane for the past 2 years worrying about this.

I remember in the middle of all of this Jackson was having his first birthday party. I spent weeks and weeks planning it. He had a barn theme and where else would be other then Wheeler Farm. We had about 50 people coming and everything was ready. We got the kids in the car and drove to Wheeler Farm... To make a long story short they were having an AUTISM fair and there was no where for us to have the party. We ended up moving the location to a park by our house but i truly felt like it was a sign. I still to this day can not look at the pictures because it makes me so upset.

To make a long story short we decided along with my Dr. that getting his hearing evaluated and getting him tested by the school district would be best. This was such a hard call for me to make because I knew if something was wrong I was going to know soon. Some people might think that is crazy but I didnt want to know if he did have autism because it was too much for me to handle. I finally decided to make the call and I am so glad I did. They determined he has a VERY VERY small low frequency hearing problem contributing to his speech. We have since been working with a speech therapist and Jackson started school once a week. They also have been evaluating him for autism and it has been ruled out.

My baby is doing so well communicating. I talk to him at night. He answers me and is saying 3,4 and 5 word sentences sometimes even!!! This is huge!!!!

My reason for this post is to say I KNOW my Heavenly Father hears me and answers my prayers. I have prayed about 10 times a day for this and my prayers have been answered. I am so grateful for my sweet boy and all the joy he brings. I love communicating with him and am so glad we figured this out. In the few short weeks he has been doing this he has come leaps and bounds and his tantrums are very few and far between. I know I am a crazy person but I truly have been grateful for this trial. I know that it has been hell going through it but because of it I am a more patient person and not so quick to judge. I am grateful for the resources that I have had and for a Dr. who understands me. I am grateful for a loving husband and 2 wonderful kids. I am just grateful today because I can put this behind me and move forward.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1st Day of School

Jackson has been working hard with us and a speech therapist lately. A few weeks ago it was suggested he go to a small school class once a week. Today was that day. I could not sleep last night and of course cried when I left him. I was happy to hear he did great and that is speech is doing GREAT!!! I am so grateful for this little guy and am happy he is learning new things.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


To make a long story short we have recently found out that Jackson has a low frequency hearing problem. We recently had him evaluated by the school district due to speech problems. He has come such a long way but I could tell something was wrong. He is communicating so well lately but has such a hard time with certain sounds. He also seems to not hear you sometimes when you talk soft or is not looking at you.

I know things will be ok and know that trials in our lives are here to help us. That being said it is so hard for me to watch my baby and know that something may be wrong long term. I love my kids more then anything and would do anything for them. I want them to live normal, happy lives and be kind, generous and dedicated people. It breaks my heart to think that Jackson may have a harder time then others... I am so grateful for my family and know how blessed I am!!!

Please say a little prayer if you have a moment for out little guy. We are going in for more tests over the next few weeks to find out what we need to do and will know the extent of his hearing loss. We also will be going to an ear, nose and throat dr to get his tonsils evaluated and hearing tested again. I am beyond blessed and hope that whatever the future holds we will be able to overcome it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love Day

Valentines was amazing!!! The kids woke up to their door decorated and a few small gifts. Matt surprised me with a huge mirror I have been wanting with reasons he loved me all over it. I gave him some new stuff for his bike since he has taken up cycling. The day was filled with preschool, cupcakes, treats, heart pizza and much more. By some miracle Matt got off work at 5 and took me to The Vow. It was a much needed date night.

I am so grateful for the love in my life. Matt is such a great husband and truly loves me unconditionally! He is the love of my life and I am grateful I married him everyday. I am so in love with my family! I love my sweet kids and my husband so much!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Little Moments

Funny kids was suppose to be in his room but snuck out, found his boots and then surprised us. He is such a cutie!
When Matt got home from work Jackson sat him down, put his "happy" ( blanket) on him and fed him Cheetos.
After getting ready and things being a little too quiet I walked in the family room to find these 2 cuddling and watching Scooby Doo.

After an emotionally draining day as a parent yesterday these are the little moments that make it all worth it!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Love Is In The Air

I made this wreath for the door. I got the idea on pintrest and made it my own.

These 2 love each other so much and play so well! Pillow fights, chase, ghosts,forts, sledding... is what our days are filled with.
I made these rose balls this weekend.They were time consuming but cute!
Target had these cute tin mailboxes for $1!!! I added a spray painted candle stick from the dollar store on the bottom of them. Each day the kids get a love not and if they are really good sometimes a treat.
I saw on pintrest again how to make these paper roses. I took a few pages from an old romance book I had and made it into a cute little rose.
Last year at Bunco I won the plate in the middle. I am cheap and not afraid to admit it! A couple blocks from hobby lobby, some paint and modpodge gave me some fun little plaques. The kids loved helping too!
I have always liked Valentines day! As my kids get a little bigger they seem to love each holiday more and more. I love decorating and making things special for each holiday. I love doing fun easy crafts with them and making the house a little special for each holiday.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Emmy's 5th Birthday

Happy 5th Birthday Emmy!

Emmy had a fun filled birthday! She invited 5 friends to have a "beauty spa day" We painted nails, put on makeup, had massages, got foot rubs, made slippers and much more! The girls had a blast and Emmy is still talking about how much fun she had! It was such a memorable birthday for Emmy!

I can not believe I have a five year old and how wonderful she is! Emmy is TRULY the sweetest most kind person you will EVER meet! She is constantly trying to help people. She got $50 in birthday money. When I asked her what she wanted to do with it her response was " give to to the prophet and homeless people". She is such a beautiful,talented,sweet, amazing person and I am beyond lucky to be her mother!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Office

When you walk into our house the first thing you see is our office. I have tried to figure out what to do with if for years... I left the walls white for a while, painted a red faux accent wall, painted the rest of the walls... but nothing looked good. I was on Pintrest (shocking :)) and found this DIY wainscoting. Matt added a rail in the middle and made the boxes from a pack of baseboard. The entire office cost us $70!!! LOVE THAT. Anyway I am in full project mode and cant wait to do the next.

Monday, January 2, 2012

FInished Playhouse

I am happy to say that after months of painting, shopping and crafting that Emmy's playhouse is finally finished. I LOVE IT and am so happy that she loves it too!

2011 Recap

2011 was full of fun and adventure for the Crowley Family! We experienced so many fun things together! We finally finished our basement after 3 years of working on it. Matt worked so hard and the kids are beyond in love with it! We also got to go on a fun trip to California visiting Disneyland, Legoland, the beach and Matt and Teisha got to go to Hawaii and Alaska this year.

Emmy had an exciting year. 2011 started off with her 4th birthday party. 1 year later she still talks about it. Emmy got her ears pierced did multiple dance recitals, has learned how to read and so much more. She is truly the sweetest person ever and loves life!

Jackson has also had an eventful year. He has come leaps and bounds with talking, loves animals, outdoors, Thomas the train, sports, his happy (blanket), Emmy and laughing. We have loved watching him turn into his own person and are so grateful he is in our family!

Matt has had a busy year. He started it off deciding to go back into public accounting... He has spent much of the year traveling for work to Alaska, Washington and Chicago. He has enjoyed playing basketball, hanging out with family and friends, going on a few trips with Teisha and the family and so much more. He had a few medical scares this year when getting his appendix removed he ended up in the hospital a few days later because of multiple abscesses throughout his stomach. He has recently started an insulin pump and a new meter called Dexcom. It has been an adjustment but great for his diabetes management!

Teisha has had an exciting year... She has gone on multiple trips this year including Washington twice, Las Vegas, Alaska, Hawaii and California. It has been a year of carpooling, dance recitals, doing crafts, decorating her home, trying to be healthy, pintrest and taking care of her wonderful husband and 2 kids.

We are a blessed family and can't wait to see what 2012 holds!!!