Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Scary Day!

Not being able to breath was not going to stop this kiddo from enjoying an ambulance ride

Last night Jackson woke up at 2:16 to be exact and was having a hard time breathing and coughing hard. I took him outside for a walk and let him sleep with us. I was pretty sure it was croup because Emmy has had. He was still having a hard time but was doing ok throughout the night.

I had planned for today to be a "get better, lazy movie day" I woke up, gave the kids a bath in a misty bathroom and had cleaned the house. Lunch time came and went and before I knew it it was nap time. About 20 minutes into Jackson's nap i herd him whimpering. I think as a mother you know what different crys your kids have. I went in his room to check on him. My baby was blue in the face and mouth and was gasping so hard for air.

Watching my baby like that was so heartbreaking! He gave me a desperate "help me" look and i just felt horrible because there was nothing I could do for him.

I hurried and threw the kids in the car and raced to the hospital since it is so close to us. When we got there his breathing had gotten a little better but he was still struggling. His oxygen levels were in the low 80's and he was miserable. The doctors started steroids and breathing treatments right away. After about an hour he seemed to be doing better. His oxygen levels had gone up and he was acting like himself.We had to stay for the doctors to monitor him for 4 hours just to make sure he was recovering. 45 min into waiting his oxygen levels dropped again to the low 80's and he was having a hard time breathing. They decided it was best to transfer him to Primary Children's Hospital via ambulance.

Jackson is such a funny kid.He is into everything, curious, funny and mischievous. He is the toughest kid you will ever meet but is totally a softy at heart. My poor baby who couldn't breath and was beyond sick sat in the ambulance and just smiled. He was so happy to be riding in it and thought it was to coolest thing ever even if he was sick. I wish I could have that outlook on life more often!

When we got to the hospital his levels were still low. They gave him some oxygen and we played the waiting game. He did well and released us 5 hours later confident that the steroids had kicked in.

Today was scary but a good reminder on how special my family is. I simply love them more then anything.


nbzern said...

So scary! So glad he is doing better!

Tori said...

Teisha! That is SO freaky!! Sounds like you kept your composure though, I would have panicked if my baby was blue in the face!! So happy he's okay! Poor guy :(

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